Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters - John Steinbeck I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's not a novel so the feeling of enjoyment was of a different sort but no less significant. It was more meaningful to read it while reading "East of Eden" because although i've read "East of Eden" before it has been a while and i would've had a problem remembering the incidences Steinbeck was referring to.

The letters he wrote were to his good friend & editor Pat, and they were written before he started his daily pages for the novel as a way of warming up. He talked about his ideas for stages of the book, his frustrations, his wife, two sons and so on. It was interesting to trace his thought process with regards to the novel and then read the end product. I also felt more involved in the effort it must have taken him to write it. He wrote to his friend that this was the book for him, that all books before had prepared him to write this one. The letters were never meant to be published and show a side to him that I had never thought of. They can be repetitive but there are also many insightful moments to be found that I didn't mind the repetition.