Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep - S.J. Watson --------------------------SPOILER ALERT------------------------------

“Before I go to sleep” is a fiction novel, a mystery that takes place in a contemporary setting. I can’t even remember the last time I read anything in this genre but I felt like shaking things up and its been on the list for a while through the recommendation of a friend.

The premise of the book is this; Christine Lucas is an amnesiac living with her husband Ben in a North London suburb. They go about their lives in a seemingly mundane grind. He goes to work and pretty much does everything, she wakes up not knowing where she is, who she’s with, when it is. She’s got this twenty year gap in her memory and whatever memories she does form throughout the span of the day is lost as soon she goes to sleep. An amnesia soup, if you will but ok it is fiction, never mind.

I had my preconceptions before I started the book. Psycho stalker sets up house with amnesiac. Let’s see what happens. And I was disappointed during the first third of the book when things weren’t going my way. Also the narration sounded very awkward and I think I put this down to lack of contractions.

But the story picks up after the first third. Under the boring grind, I mean what can you do with yourself if you’ve got such big gaps in your past and not much of a present, Christine tries to get a handle on herself by linking each day gone by to the next by secretly seeking the help of a specialist and writing down her thoughts in a journal unbeknownst to her husband.

This leads to the book I wanted after all, kind of. As it turns out her husband isn’t her husband, he’s the psycho that has been keeping Christine dependent on him and as helpless as a child. At moments her passivity was irritating especially at the end when she ignores her instincts and takes the time to read instead of getting the frak out of that hotel room *sigh*.

The ending was a bit too pat for me. I love happy endings, well relatively happy in this case but I think it would’ve been much creepier if it ended with her waking up next to him having forgotten all of it after finding out the truth *shudders*.

For the pickup in the pace, dialogue and bits of suspense I give the book 3 stars. It was a good read. But the extra star comes from fooling me into believing that fake Ben was just a nice, misunderstood guy after all. Trying to figure out where the author was going after buying into that misdirection (how did that happen ?!?!) kept me reading from about halfway til the end.