Life on the Mississippi

Mark Twain: Life on the Mississippi - Mark Twain, Jonathan Raban I had such high hopes for this book. It started out being a 4/5 star and held its own about halfway through. There were moments of 'where's he going with this?' but when confronted with his sense of humour, all was forgotten. After all, it was just yesterday I was laughing out-loud in a crowded cafe, with an emphasis on loud ! He's probably just taking a little detour around the bushes or something, I told myself.

However; around the halfway mark, the whole story just seemed to spiral out of control into this giant, convoluted, boring mess. Apparently, in those days you got paid by the number of words and disappointingly enough, that seems to have been his motivation after a while. He wrote about things and instances so irrelevant to the general theme of the story that it went beyond general absurdity !

I don't regret reading the 1st half but the 2nd half would serve as padding for a kitty litter-box for all the interest it inspired.