Six Degrees of Separation - John Guare You never lose sense that you're in a play with this book but in a good way. The dramatic entrances & exits, the dialogue, the antagonism between the parents & their children, and how this translated into opportunity for Paul; a desperate, lost, young man to squeeze himself into their lives. The image i have is of a square trying to fit into a round hole but.. succeeding. The 6 degrees of separation theory is brought into sharp relief when they realize they've all been duped by the same man, Paul, and disarmed partly with the fantasy of him being Sidney Poitier's son. There's this harried feel as they try to figure out the 6 degrees of separation between them and Sidney Poitier, and one of the messages of the play is that Person A is connected to a random Person B on the other side of the city, globe, whatever but you have to find the right 6 people in between to make this connection. The other message i took away was that everyone wants to belong somewhere, and Paul attempts this in increasingly awkward ways but I couldn't help but feel sympathy for him.