Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen Northanger Abbey definitely had it's share of humour, more so than Persuasion or Pride & Prejudice. I found it to be mostly satirical in nature; although the antics of Catherine, our heroine, and her counterpart, the stalwart Henry Tilney trying to bring her down to earth provided a few laughs.

I have to admit that despite the humour, which made itself evident from the very beginning, I was off to a bumpy start. 50 pages in and I was irritable & floundering, I didn't understand Catherine; her nature, her purpose...her life in the context of this story, but with the help of a friend
(Thanks,Kim!) I got it. I read a bit further and everything clicked into place. I got Catherine, I started to enjoy John Thorpe's self-aggrandising diatribes, and Isabella's logorrhoea.

It all made sense; the characters, and the message of the story made sense; the eternal folly of the young,at times made glaringly obvious by certain elements of the times. As the story progressed, I watched Catherine grow up while maintaining her earnest and sweet disposition. And, I saw Isabella get what was coming to her, although a nice dunk in a horse-trough would have been nice too. But as in 2 other Austen novels that I know of, I got to watch Catherine & Henry come together despite some societal obstacle, which they work out according to the rules of Ms Manners, of course.

My complaints are twofold,firstly;I've grown to expect a letter, an outpouring of love & devotion to the heroine of the story by her constant hero,and in Northanger Abbey there wasn't one lol. But Catherine & Henry did have quite a few conversations so as to make their individual voices heard which was a consolation. Secondly, the ending seems a bit rushed but we do get an explanation from Austen herself as to this, and a few other instances, as she makes her voice quite clearly heard in Northanger Abbey.