Philosophy and Me

Philosophy has been kicking my ass for the past two weeks ! Everything was going fine until the lecture & seminar on Rene Menil, Hegel and Frantz Fanon. As soon as Hegel's Master & Slave dialectic was explained I felt myself turn contrary. I went from interested to thinking this was just about the dumbest pile of horse manure I've had to make sense of over the past 20 years and I've had to make sense of a lot of dumb shit ! From that class onwards I've had this wall come up and a knee-jerk reaction of blah blah blah yammer yammer yammer to the stuff I've had to read. Not good !!! This week it's Edward Said's Orientalism - his point, blah, yammer, lead up to his second point by which time I've forgotten the first - and that's the least of my worries. Assignment questions are out for all my classes and I have till November 18. Tonight it's all about changing my outlook or I'm screwed. Yikes !!